030: Imposter Syndrome with Lindsey Warren

In this episode I’m talking with Lindsey Warren of Lindsey Warren Coaching about Imposter Syndrome. We talk about what Imposter Syndrome is, where it can show up in your life and how to handle it.

Lindsey Warren Coaching is a core energy coaching business is the result of seeing other feel stuck in lives that are good enough, but not passionate. In the name of long lasting and well deserved change, Lindsey brings a life of fulfillment and achievement to open-hearted, intuitive women. In a world where overwhelming expectations aren’t in vogue anymore, creating a life based on your values is.

In this episode, Lindsey and I discuss…

  • What is Imposter Syndrome
  • Imposter syndrome and the inner critic
  • What do you do about Imposter Syndrome
  • Steps to take to move beyond it
    • Realize it’s normal to feel Imposter Syndrome
    • Share your feelings with someone you trust
    • Do a quick exercise to help minimize/overcome Imposter Syndrome
    • Look and see what small steps can you take to go out of your comfort zone
    • Recognize that Imposter Syndrome is going to show up at some point
  • How Imposter Syndrome could show up in your life
  • Imposter Syndrome / Perfectionism/ Procrastination


Recommended Reading:


  • “Everyone experiences imposter syndrome at some point but not everyone recognizes it or want to admit they feel that way.”  — Lindsey
  • “Any time you’re out of your comfort zone imposter syndrome can show up.” — Lindsey
  • “You’re not alone in feeling Imposter Syndrome”
  • “Shame can’t survive being spoken” —Brene Brown
  • “Don’t let Imposter Syndrome stop you from being your true self”
  • “Imposter Syndrome can cause people to suffer in silence”
  • “Don’t let one instance represent the totality of who you are”