I believe that the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself.


Once you recognize and meet your own needs, you’ll realize you already are enough.

Joanna Platt Coaching, a comprehensive life and relationship coaching company, is the result of seeing high achieving, big feeling leaders not making the type of impact they want to make while feeling overwhelmed, out of control, and crazy busy because they’ve always got too much on their plates and are still striving to do more. In the name of taking your life back and creating meaningful change in the world, we’ll explore the influence of your inner critic, inner child, feelings, values, vision, and energy so you can strengthen your connection yourself and find calm, confidence, joy, and success in a world where checking the boxes and just getting by isn’t the goal anymore — living up to your potential while fully enjoying your life is.

I spent almost 10 years feeling . . .

Overwhelmed. Out of control. Crazy busy.
Go-go-go-go-go. On a never ending treadmill.
Trapped. Stuck. Tired.
Rushed. All over the place. Scared.
Frustrated. Unfulfilled. Alone.

Wondering . . .

  • Where am I going? What am I doing? What’s my thing? How will I make a difference in the world?
  • What can we do about this? How can I make this better? (where “this” was all the problems/struggles/challenges of myself, my family, my friends, my colleagues, strangers, etc.)
  • If life is about friends and family, why do I spend so little time with the people who matter most to me?
  • When is the fun?

Believing . . .

  • That I could and would and should change the world
  • That people are strong and capable and shiny and if I could just make them see that then the world would be a much better, happier, joy-filled place
  • That to make a difference I had to do something
  • That I was responsible for things that I wasn’t really responsible for
  • That things don’t have to be this way
  • That if I could just do-do-do, perfect, and please that I could somehow outrun this deep-rooted feeling that I’m not enough. But that’s not how it works. And, luckily, there’s a much less-tiring way.

I didn’t realize that I could do all of this by starting with one person first . . . me.

Now I work with high-achieving, big feeling women to help them design and live lives filled with relationships, work, and experiences that fit perfectly with who they are.


As a result they feel . . .

Present. Engaged. Free.
Peaceful. Balanced. Powerful.
Satisfied. Happy. In control.
Confident. Content. Grounded.

And they know . . .

  • That saying no to others means saying yes to themselves
  • That it’s OK to say no
  • They are exactly where they need to be
  • That when they prioritize themselves, they are able to give so much more
  • What they need to do to show up
  • What they are responsible for, and what they are not responsible for
  • How to let others help
  • They are enough

They believe . . .

  • A self-care practice is the foundation for everything
  • They are exactly where they need to be to get where they want to go
  • The most important relationship in their lives is the one they have with themselves
  • They are enough

It starts with getting to know yourself. Prioritizing yourself, nurturing yourself, listening to and caring for yourself like you care for everyone else.

Once you realize that you are lovable, you are powerful, you are enough, regardless of what you do, or don’t do, your life and your world will change.

Let me remind you of the you you’ve forgotten.

Schedule a connecting call to see what coaching can do for you.

Schedule a connecting call


  • Bi-weekly me-time, guaranteed
  • Uninterrupted time to process, reflect, explore, and reconnect with yourself
  • Learning how to manage stress and process feelings
  • A partner, someone watching out for you
  • You’re the go-to person for advice, guidance, support . . . but you need all of that too
  • A sounding board
  • Conversations completely about you and your inner world
  • Someone to hold you accountable so you actually make the changes you want to make


Step 1

Schedule a connecting call to see if coaching is right for you. We’ll outline what’s going on currently and how you’d like to be instead.

Schedule a connecting call

Step 2

You will receive a personalized proposal outlining exactly what we’ll work on in coaching together.

Step 3

Let it simmer. Sleep on it. See how it feels in your gut. If it feels right, hire me.

Step 4

Become a client. We’ll meet twice a month via phone or Skype . . . that way we can both be comfy. You’ll schedule your sessions just like you schedule a connecting call.

Step 5

This is where the magic happens. In between calls, you’ll have assignments and things to think about. As you go through your life and start to process things in new ways and experiment with the things we discuss on our calls, you’ll have new insights and ah-ha moments and watch yourself change. And you can email me to update me on your progress or talk things through in the meantime.

Bonus Step

Listen to exclusive audio lessons on topics like feeling your feelings, the inner critic, the inner child, and energy and journal about your insights, ah-ha moments, and make a list of things you want to discuss during your coaching sessions.



Joanna is a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner who studied coaching at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She has been featured in . . .