030: Imposter Syndrome with Lindsey Warren

In this episode I’m talking with Lindsey Warren of Lindsey Warren Coaching about Imposter Syndrome. We talk about what Imposter Syndrome is, where it can show up in your life and how to handle it.

Lindsey Warren Coaching is a core energy coaching business is the result of seeing other feel stuck in lives that are good enough, but not passionate. In the name of long lasting and well deserved change, Lindsey brings a life of fulfilment and achievement to open-hearted, intuitive women. In a world where overwhelming expectations aren’t in vogue anymore, creating a life based on your values is.

In this episode, Lindsey and I discuss…

  • What is Imposter Syndrome
  • Imposter syndrome and the inner critic
  • What do you do about Imposter Syndrome
  • Steps to take to move beyond it
    • Realize it’s normal to feel Imposter Syndrome
    • Share your feelings with someone you trust
    • Do a quick exercise to help minimize/overcome Imposter Syndrome
    • Look and see what small steps can you take to go out of your comfort zone
    • Recognize that Imposter Syndrome is going to show up at some point
  • How Imposter Syndrome could show up in your life
  • Imposter Syndrome / Perfectionism/ Procrastination


Recommended Reading:


  • “Everyone experiences imposter syndrome at some point but not everyone recognizes it or want to admit they feel that way.”  — Lindsey
  • “Any time you’re out of your comfort zone imposter syndrome can show up.” — Lindsey
  • “You’re not alone in feeling Imposter Syndrome”
  • “Shame can’t survive being spoken” —Brene Brown
  • “Don’t let Imposter Syndrome stop you from being your true self”
  • “Imposter Syndrome can cause people to suffer in silence”
  • “Don’t let one instance represent the totality of who you are”

029: The power of winter

I had another episode planned for today, but I’m really feeling called to talk about rest. So that’s what we’re going to do.

The energy of the New Year (or the energy/pressure we put on the New Year) doesn’t align with the energy of January and winter. In this episode, I’ll share some ideas to lean into the season we’re in and how to make the most of January.

In the quiet of winter, you’ll be able to hear the call of your intuition whispering, guiding you to what’s next.

But you have to slow down and get quiet yourself to hear it.

In this episode I offer some words and themes for January including rest, refuel, relax, reconnect, and reflect. I give you permission to slow down, sleep in, and go to bed early. I encourage you to cuddle up with a good book or Netflix show and reconnect with yourself, your body, and your mission. And I offer some questions to journal about or simply reflect on.

028: A pre-holiday pep talk

Christmas is a few days away and emotions and stress are already getting high. In this episode, we talk about why we might feel sad/anxious/nervous around the holidays and what we can do to make it better.


Glennon Doyle’s pre-thanksgiving post

Engaged course

027: Mini-meditations with Jocelyn Cates

Jocelyn Cates is an award-winning startups entrepreneur, best-selling author, creator of mini-meditations, host of The Easy Now Podcast (coming Jan 2018!), and, most importantly, a deeply connected wife, mama, and lover of life.

In this episode we’re talking about how making space for quiet, even just a few minutes a day, can change your life and where and how to start.


Jocelyn’s website: jocelyncates.com

Easy Now: Mini Meditations to Reflect on Your Purpose, Find Flow, and Raise a Deeply Connected Family

Ultimate Self-Acceptance Meditation, created especially for Love Always, Jo listeners

026: November Q+A

In this Q+A episode, I discuss whether or not you change as a result of a big life change and how to prioritize self care during the holiday season.

In this episode, I answer two questions:

  1. From @jammarketinggroup: Rach @clarityonfire got me to realize yesterday that just because big things change in life, the core of who I am doesn’t necessarily have to change too. Would LOVE your insight on that topic
  2. From @rachellynnec: I often feel overextended at the holiday season – can you talk about prioritizing self care at this time of year? 😘💛

Links mentioned:

Episode 007

E-book: Love Your Self, Love Your Life

025: If you want to change the world…find joy

Today, I’ve got a super short (2 minute) message for you.  An inspirational message, encouraging you to notice and feel joy. I hope it resonates with you.

If you like this episode, you’ll also love episode 008 with Kristen Kalp.

024: October Q+A: Inner child, inner critic, inner mentor + strategies to increase calm

I’m so excited for our first Q+A episode. I put a call for questions out on Instagram and got two really good ones:

  1. What role does my inner child play in relation to my inner critic, inner mentor, and real me?
  2. What are some little ways I can incorporate more calm into my day?

If you’ve got a question you would like me to answer in next month’s Q+A episode, follow me on Instagram @joanna_platt and keep an eye out for the question post, or send me an email at joanna@joanna-platt.com.

023: Using personal style to increase your impact with Carrie Montgomery

Carrie Montgomery is an Image and Brand Consultant for thriving female entrepreneurs. Her work has been featured on OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Super Soul Sunday with Christiane Northrup, Coastal Living, Old Port Magazine, and Hay House. She uses her expertise in film, design, and wellness, as well as her love of fashion to create a holistic experience for personal style. She curates her clients’ image to elevate the visibility of their brands. She loves to help women look good and feel good from the inside out. Carrie teaches women to own their true beauty, and she supports them in building their confidence by creating a dream image for their business and life.  You can connect with her at carriemontgomery.com

In this episode, Carrie and I discuss…

  • How Carrie got into personal styling
  • How Carrie defines personal style
  • The question Carrie asks to decide what to wear
  • Where to start with personal style (note: it’s NOT what fruit shape you are!)
  • How energy, emotions, and your life story can influence how you dress
  • How we can use clothing to be effective and powerful / support ourselves


Carrie on Instagram

Carrie’s Facebook Page

022: Jo’s Book Club: Women, Food, and God

We’re starting a feature on Love Always, Jo: Jo’s Book Club. In these episodes, I’ll share my takeaways from a book I’m reading and loving.

We’ll start this week with my biggest takeaway from Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth: the inclination to bolt. Bolting is the practice of leaving ourselves when we don’t want to feel our feelings. I read some passages that resonate with me and talk about the ways I bolt and you might too.

Women Food and God

Episode 14 – Supreme agreement with love, an interview with Morgan Day Cecil

Episode 10 – On the vulnerability of joy

021: Loving the not-best version of you

Seasonal affective disorder comes on strong for me every year at this time. September is my least favorite month of the year. In this episode we’ll talk about:

  1. What is seasonal affective disorder
  2. How it presents for me
  3. How I’m handling it this year
  4. And a takeaway for you


Blue Light