033: Balance Over Perfect

Love Always Jo, Episode 33 | Balance Over Perfect with Kim Gorski


In this episode of Love Always, Jo, Joanna interviews Kim Gorski, an educator, inspirer and coach at Kim Kelty Gorski and is also the host of the podcast, Balance Over Perfect. Kim is a multi-talented creative who specializes in wellness, mindset, and balance in life. Listen to this episode to hear more about perfectionism.

Kim is a podcaster, educator, social media and breakthrough coach where over the past 4 years has studied psychology, vitality, and balance we need as women to accomplish our goals and to do our best daily. She is also the host of the podcast, Balance Over Perfect, where she talks about finding grace, peace, and action to do your best in your health, relationships, career, and life.

In this episode Kim and I discuss…

  • How the podcast Balance Over Perfect got started (hint: it was after reading Present Over Perfect)
  • How the perception of balance differs from person to person
  • The Breakthrough Blueprint (Kim’s course)
  • Perfectionism and the inner critic
  • The power of writing down our thoughts
  • Speaking up and sharing no matter the size of your platform
  • Starting with working on your mindset and well-being before helping others
  • 3 things that helped Kim deal with perfectionism
  • Shifting your focus internally so that you can ride the ebbs and flow of life
  • Kim’s definition of balance
  • Finding pockets of peace in the high’s and low’s of life


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  • “I want people to feel, to heal.” — Kim
  • “It’s not quantity over quality it’s determining what your balance between quantity and quality is.” — Kim
  • “Being a big-feeling person we tend to develop our perfectionist tendencies so we don’t have to feel anything” — Joanna
  • “Perfection is a 100% an inner critic tactic” — Joanna
  • “Perfectionism is just a lie for procrastination” — Kim
  • “You’re the only one who has to deal with what you’re feeling or lacking 24/7. So you need to either: Find peace with it, find closure, or find action.” — Kim
  • “Regardless of the size of your platf0rm you have the ability to speak up and share it in the 4 walls of our home, 4 walls of our mind or the 4 walls of the world.” — Kim
  • “Give yourself grace for yesterday, peace for today and a plan for tomorrow” — Kim
  • “We all mess up, it’s all about how you perceive it” — Kim
  • “Balance is about finding peace in your high’s and low’s” — Kim
  • “Find pockets of peace” — Kim

Love Always Jo, Podcast Episode 33 | Balance Over Perfect with Kim Gorski

032: Creating space

There is still one month left in the sacred time that is winter.

This is a great time to reflect once more on what you want this year to bring, solidify your intention and vision, and then, “how can I create space for this? What do I need to do to create space for this?”

In this episode we’ll talk about three types of space: physical, calendar, and mental space.

Reflection questions:

What do you want 2018 to bring?

Where can you clear space in your physical space?

What spaces have the biggest impact on how you feel?

What are your favorite times to do nothing? When do you need to not have any plans (spoiler alert: during your period you need no plans)

How many “things” can you have on your calendar each week?

What self-expectations might be holding you back?

031: January Q+A

We’ve got 3 questions in our January Q+A:

  1. How can I strike the balance between accepting people for who they are and eliminating hurtful people from my life?
  2. Tips for dating in a saturated big-city market
  3. What books would you recommend to learn about relationships in general?

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Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Energy Leadership by Bruce D. Schneider

Keys to the Kingdom by Alison Armstrong

The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

*These links contain affiliate links which means I might get a small commission if you buy. That said, I would recommend these if we were talking over coffee together, probably multiple times in one conversation because I like them and recommend them so much.

030: Imposter Syndrome with Lindsey Warren

In this episode I’m talking with Lindsey Warren of Lindsey Warren Coaching about Imposter Syndrome. We talk about what Imposter Syndrome is, where it can show up in your life and how to handle it.

Lindsey Warren Coaching is a core energy coaching business is the result of seeing other feel stuck in lives that are good enough, but not passionate. In the name of long lasting and well deserved change, Lindsey brings a life of fulfillment and achievement to open-hearted, intuitive women. In a world where overwhelming expectations aren’t in vogue anymore, creating a life based on your values is.

In this episode, Lindsey and I discuss…

  • What is Imposter Syndrome
  • Imposter syndrome and the inner critic
  • What do you do about Imposter Syndrome
  • Steps to take to move beyond it
    • Realize it’s normal to feel Imposter Syndrome
    • Share your feelings with someone you trust
    • Do a quick exercise to help minimize/overcome Imposter Syndrome
    • Look and see what small steps can you take to go out of your comfort zone
    • Recognize that Imposter Syndrome is going to show up at some point
  • How Imposter Syndrome could show up in your life
  • Imposter Syndrome / Perfectionism/ Procrastination


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  • “Everyone experiences imposter syndrome at some point but not everyone recognizes it or want to admit they feel that way.”  — Lindsey
  • “Any time you’re out of your comfort zone imposter syndrome can show up.” — Lindsey
  • “You’re not alone in feeling Imposter Syndrome”
  • “Shame can’t survive being spoken” —Brene Brown
  • “Don’t let Imposter Syndrome stop you from being your true self”
  • “Imposter Syndrome can cause people to suffer in silence”
  • “Don’t let one instance represent the totality of who you are”

029: The power of winter

I had another episode planned for today, but I’m really feeling called to talk about rest. So that’s what we’re going to do.

The energy of the New Year (or the energy/pressure we put on the New Year) doesn’t align with the energy of January and winter. In this episode, I’ll share some ideas to lean into the season we’re in and how to make the most of January.

In the quiet of winter, you’ll be able to hear the call of your intuition whispering, guiding you to what’s next.

But you have to slow down and get quiet yourself to hear it.

In this episode I offer some words and themes for January including rest, refuel, relax, reconnect, and reflect. I give you permission to slow down, sleep in, and go to bed early. I encourage you to cuddle up with a good book or Netflix show and reconnect with yourself, your body, and your mission. And I offer some questions to journal about or simply reflect on.

028: A pre-holiday pep talk

Christmas is a few days away and emotions and stress are already getting high. In this episode, we talk about why we might feel sad/anxious/nervous around the holidays and what we can do to make it better.


Glennon Doyle’s pre-thanksgiving post

Engaged course

027: Mini-meditations with Jocelyn Cates

Jocelyn Cates is an award-winning startups entrepreneur, best-selling author, creator of mini-meditations, host of The Easy Now Podcast (coming Jan 2018!), and, most importantly, a deeply connected wife, mama, and lover of life.

In this episode we’re talking about how making space for quiet, even just a few minutes a day, can change your life and where and how to start.


Jocelyn’s website: jocelyncates.com

Easy Now: Mini Meditations to Reflect on Your Purpose, Find Flow, and Raise a Deeply Connected Family

Ultimate Self-Acceptance Meditation, created especially for Love Always, Jo listeners

026: November Q+A

In this Q+A episode, I discuss whether or not you change as a result of a big life change and how to prioritize self care during the holiday season.

In this episode, I answer two questions:

  1. From @jammarketinggroup: Rach @clarityonfire got me to realize yesterday that just because big things change in life, the core of who I am doesn’t necessarily have to change too. Would LOVE your insight on that topic
  2. From @rachellynnec: I often feel overextended at the holiday season – can you talk about prioritizing self care at this time of year? 😘💛

Links mentioned:

Episode 007

E-book: Love Your Self, Love Your Life

025: If you want to change the world…find joy

Today, I’ve got a super short (2 minute) message for you.  An inspirational message, encouraging you to notice and feel joy. I hope it resonates with you.

If you like this episode, you’ll also love episode 008 with Kristen Kalp.

024: October Q+A: Inner child, inner critic, inner mentor + strategies to increase calm

I’m so excited for our first Q+A episode. I put a call for questions out on Instagram and got two really good ones:

  1. What role does my inner child play in relation to my inner critic, inner mentor, and real me?
  2. What are some little ways I can incorporate more calm into my day?

If you’ve got a question you would like me to answer in next month’s Q+A episode, follow me on Instagram @joanna_platt and keep an eye out for the question post, or send me an email at joanna@joanna-platt.com.