020: Managing money with a partner with Sarah Von Bargen

Today I’m talking with Sarah Von Bargen of YesandYes.org and creator of the course Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is.

I’ve followed Sarah’s blog for years so when Kristen Kalp from episode 8 reached out and said her friend Sarah would be a great guest for Love Always, Jo, I said YES! What a great opportunity.

Today Sarah and I are going to be talking about two of my favorite topics: money and relationships.

In this episode we discuss:
-why talking about money is a gift to the people around you
-what we need to know about ourselves and money before we can manage money with a partner
-how to align your money with what makes you happy (and an exercise to see where you’re at currently)
-how to talk about money in a way that feels safe
-how our upbringings influence this
-how to navigate if people have different priorities when it comes to money
-how to know if we’re doing it right, and Sarah’s four metrics to assess how we’re doing
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019: The three entities in a marriage (a sneak peek of Engaged!)

I’m so excited to share the first lesson of my online course for pre-marital couples, Engaged! Get the full lesson at joanna-platt.com/engaged.

Additional Links:

The full course description

Episode 015: A real treat: talking retreats with my husband, Mike


018: Be gentle with yourself

My mantra for the next two weeks (or more) is be gentle with yourself. Today, I’m sharing where that mantra came from, why we need it, and offering it as a mantra for you as well.

Love Always, Jo is now on hiatus until August 15 while I launch my marriage course, Engaged.

017: On boundaries and needs with Dr. Lauren Appio

Today, Dr. Lauren Appio and I are talking about boundaries, a topic that I personally have had to learn a lot about. In this episode we cover:

-what boundaries are

-benefits of boundaries and costs of not having boundaries

-risks of boundaries

-different types of human needs

-the 4 F’s: fight, flight, freeze, and new-to-me one, fawn

-how being over scheduled is a boundary issue


Selected links from this episode:

Dr. Lauren Appio’s website

Non-violent communication needs inventory

Non-violent communication feelings inventory

DBT Saying Yes, Saying No worksheet

Dr. Pete Walker – where Lauren learned the idea of fawn (In the episode Lauren credits Peter Levine for this idea, but it came from Pete Walker)

016: On overcoming butterflies

I’ve woken up with serious butterflies in my belly for the past four days.  If you’ve felt this before, you know how paralyzing it can feel.  Today I’m talking about why that is, and some things I’m doing to cope with these feelings and to get to the other side.

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015: A real treat: talking retreats with my husband, Mike

I’ve got an exciting, fun guest on the show today: my husband, Mike.

Every few months, Mike and I go away for a retreat. In this conversation, we talk about what a retreat is and why we do it. We also lay out the details of our most recent retreat in Gettysburg, PA.

014: Supreme agreement with love, an interview with Morgan Day Cecil

“We’re tired of progress for progress’ sake. We want pleasure, not just productivity. That’s what the feminine can teach us.” -Morgan Day Cecil

Today I’m talking to Morgan Day Cecil, an integrated sex, love, and relationship coach, creator of the Sophia Sessions, Romance & Adventure, and co-host of Sexy Tuxedo Jesus podcast.

We talk about…

being in supreme agreement with love,

getting back into your body,

the inner critic,

Why bird sounds are really good for your sex life,

Loving your belly,

Feminine wholeness,

Getting in alignment with your highest values and your deepest desires (spirituality and sexuality),

and more.

Morgan Day Cecil

Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth

012: What I learned at Brave

In this episode, I share my takeaways from a workshop I attended in California earlier this month, Brave by Kristen Kalp, including cell phones, notifications, and tenderness.

Follow along with Kristen and get on her list to know when she hosts Brave again: kristenkalp.com.

011: On Finding your Zen-go: an interview with Alli Luchey

In this episode I interview one of my favorite people, my spin instructor, Alli.

Alli Luchey in an instructor at Zengo Cycle here in DC and her classes have been transformational for me over the last six months.

In this episode we talk about how Alli became a full-time cycling instructor, non-9-5 jobs, and how riding is about so much more than the workout.