Pre-marital Coaching


I want to help people do marriage consciously. What better time to start than before you even tie the knot?

I don’t have any statistics on this, but my gut tells me that if you do marriage consciously and with intention, you’ll be in a marriage that is satisfying, meaningful, and enjoyable for a very long time.

In pre-marital coaching, we’ll talk about your relationship big-picture and lay the foundation for your marriage and we’ll also talk about the day-to-day things (money, sex, family, chores, etc.) that can wear on a marriage so you can navigate them smoothly.

There are three entities in a marriage: you, your partner, and the relationship. There are sessions for each of these entities in your coaching package. Because life impacts marriage impacts life and how each person shows up influences the relationship, these sessions can be used to get clarity on what you as an individual want your marriage to look like and/or to get clarity around and find solutions to other major areas of your life that may be preventing you from showing up fully in your relationship. I will advocate for the authentic selves of both people in the relationship so that you can both feel alive, inspired, and passionate in your marriage.

In our time together, we’ll cover the Five Love Languages and the five pillars couples in happy marriages have (as told to my husband and me in our pre-marriage counseling that we refer back to all the time) and how they play out in your relationship.

We’ll talk about the examples of marriages you have in your lives, good, bad, or otherwise, and you’ll decide, together, the type of marriage you want to create, how you want to show up as partners.

My husband and I wrote our vows together and it was one of the most vulnerable and powerful things we’ve ever done. I’ll walk you through how to do this (a great exercise whether you use these in your ceremony or not).

You get:

  • 11.5 hours of coaching with me (outline below)
  • An online assessment for each of you that shows how you show up energetically for your life and your relationship both normally and under stress
  • Recordings of your assessment deep-dive convo
  • Unlimited email support

Week 0: Setting the stage/meet and greet convo + pre-work review (30 mins)
Week 1:  Individual coaching sessions + assessment deep-dive review
Week 2: Together
Week 3: Individuals
Week 4: Together
Week 5: Individuals
Week 6: Together

Your investment: $1,695 or 4 monthly payments of $425

When? starting January 2018 (only one spot available)

Interested? Schedule a connecting call with me to learn more.

If you’re reading this page and considering pre-marital coaching with me, you’re BRAVE. Most people don’t do marriage consciously so this is uncharted territory. We’ll come up with a roadmap together.

This is super vulnerable stuff. My throat feels tight just thinking about the conversations you’ll have. The types of conversation this will require you to have, with yourself and with each other, can be difficult. Mostly difficult not because the topics are stressful or tense but because they require you to be seen.

Sometimes, simply sitting across the table or on the couch looking at your spouse to have a conversation can be one of the most vulnerable things.

I know because I’ve been there. The first time I had this feeling was when we sat at a Starbucks on Pennsylvania Avenue on Capitol Hill and wrote our vows. We shared ideas we each came up with individually about what we wanted to promise each other. It was the most raw and exposed I’ve ever felt. My throat gets tight and I’m on the verge of tears just thinking about it.

We’ve been married five years now (longer than we were in college, which is crazy to think about) and our relationship has seen its ups and downs. There have been times when we were super connected and having fun, times when things were just “fine,” and times when things were downright hard.

As we celebrate our five year anniversary, our relationship is as strong as it’s ever been in the more than 10 years we’ve been together. Because we’re going there. We are intentionally showing up for our relationship, sitting on the couch and having the types of conversations I’m going to facilitate with you. It is vulnerable. And it is awesome.

I’m so excited to take this ride with you. And honored. I believe this is sacred work I get to do. Thank you.

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