From nagging wife to happy wife:

coaching for you, for your relationship


Do you feel lonely in your relationship because your husband is pre-occupied with work? Even when he’s not at work, he’s thinking about work?

Do you feel like you’re only in a relationship on the weekends?

Do you find yourself following him around like a puppy, asking over and over again “why don’t you like me anymore?

Do you feel yourself tense up when he does come close to you?

Are you at the point where when you think about your husband the first things that come to mind are the annoying things he does like bang his razor against the sink in the morning?

It feels terrible, right?

His preoccupation with work has turned you into an insecure school girl or bitchy nagging wife. It’s embarrassing and nasty.

You’re not proud of it. But you don’t know how to stop it.

You’re not sure how to change it because the anger and frustration is bubbling up inside you or the need to feel seen and loved is so overwhelming you just want to know he still cares about you.

What if you could be a happy wife again?

What if I told you you could get your husband back and get yourself back?

What if you could drop your anger and reconnect with your husband?

Think about the cuddles and the conversation. The laughs. The fun. The sex.

What if you could bring your adoration back to the surface so that when your guy walks in the door you can’t wait to greet him with a hug and a kiss and not feel like its an inconvenience to pause the DVR to say hello?

What if you could go to bed at night with a heart full of love and gratitude?

You can.

In coaching with Joanna, you will…

  • learn about what’s going on with your husband and what you can do about it (good news: it’s not personal),
  • talk through your loneliness and frustration,
  • find ways to articulate your needs and communicate them to your husband in a way he will hear, and
  • get yourself back to a version you’re proud of — one who is calm, confident, and in control.

For 12 weeks, you’ll have a partner and confidant to talk through the concerns you have in your relationship in six coaching sessions and email support between. Bitchfests are good and all but you want real solutions and change.

The investment in yourself, your relationship, and your future family: $895


Fill out this questionnaire so I can get to know you better. If it seems like we’ll be a good coaching fit, we’ll schedule a 30-minute call so you can get to know me better and ask any questions you have about coaching. If we decide we are a good fit and you want to move forward, we’ll schedule our coaching sessions.