020: Managing money with a partner with Sarah Von Bargen

Today I’m talking with Sarah Von Bargen of YesandYes.org and creator of the course Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is.

I’ve followed Sarah’s blog for years so when Kristen Kalp from episode 8 reached out and said her friend Sarah would be a great guest for Love Always, Jo, I said YES! What a great opportunity.

Today Sarah and I are going to be talking about two of my favorite topics: money and relationships.

In this episode we discuss:
-why talking about money is a gift to the people around you
-what we need to know about ourselves and money before we can manage money with a partner
-how to align your money with what makes you happy (and an exercise to see where you’re at currently)
-how to talk about money in a way that feels safe
-how our upbringings influence this
-how to navigate if people have different priorities when it comes to money
-how to know if we’re doing it right, and Sarah’s four metrics to assess how we’re doing
Links from the episode